EP011 – Whole Foods and Whole Body Wellness – Mia Cara

EP011 – Whole Foods and Whole Body Wellness – Mia Cara

During the past year we’ve had less control over where we go and who we meet, and have witnessed one of the most profound public health crisis of our lifetimes, along with its economic fallout.  We’ve all been spending considerably more time at home, and have had more time to rediscover some more simple pleasures and joys.   

One of those joys is food.  Some have taken the imposed home time to cook more, while others have taken this opportunity to try a new diet.  Or, a combination of both – perhaps even a diet that is not only based on ‘what’ we eat, but what our bodies are telling us.  No one diet fits everyone, and our guest for this episode advocates for not only a whole foods based diet, but one that we tailor to ourselves – our cravings, our bodies, our lifestyles and our minds.

Mia Cara is a wellness coach who not only advocates for individual-based diets, but also the larger picture of wellness.  Through a combination of eating well and treating our bodies with the respect they deserve, and listening to what our bodies are telling us, we can achieve higher levels of wellness.

What You Will Learn 

– What foods are not fit for human consumption.

– Learn to listen to your body.  Not every ‘diet’ will work for everyone.  If you listen, you’ll find out what works best for you.

– How blood type affects what you eat (even it you don’t consciously know it), and also what type of exercise you need.

– Getting useful information from food labels.

– How fasting helps your body regulate itself.

– Why bee pollen is magical.

Connect with Mia Cara

Mia Cara Wellness – The Art of Sensual Wellness


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