EP012 – The Twists and Turns of the Pursuit of Sports – Jennifer Wheeler

EP012 – The Twists and Turns of the Pursuit of Sports – Jennifer Wheeler

For some athletes, their path is clear and straightforward, often laid-out for them from a young age.  Follow and connect the dots and you’ll get there if you put in the hard work and stay focused.  For the rest of us, athletics, as in life, is full of twists and turns, and forks in the road.  At some point, ‘greatness’ and ‘winning’ is not the goal, as getting older, relationships, children, and a hundred other things can divert us from our goals and force us to re-prioritize.   Our next guest perfectly illustrates this non-linear road.  Jennifer Wheeler was a collegiate runner, who transitioned into Roller Derby, and then into professional road cycling. Even then, she left to take a job, have a child, and returned to cycling while trying to balance it all.

What You Will Learn 

The path to your sports goals is not always clear – it’s okay to take a break and concentrate on other things.  It IS possible to return and/or change your focus to adjust to your new realities.  Don’t give up – adjust, and build a community that supports you, and you them.

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