EP005—Making Self-Care a Priority for Athletes—WHITNEY ROWE

EP005—Making Self-Care a Priority for Athletes—WHITNEY ROWE

Where does self-care fall on your list of priorities as an athlete? Do you see it as a luxury? Or a necessary investment in your wellbeing?

Whitney Rowe is a Canadian sprinter in training to make her first Olympic team. A graduate of Colorado Mesa University, she is a two-time All-American, two-time North American, Central American and Caribbean Silver Medalist and 12-time Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Medalist. Whitney is currently training in Mount Holly, New Jersey, and she has been a professional track athlete since 2015.

On this episode of Holistic High Performance, Whitney joins Daniel to discuss what inspired her transition from dance to track at the age of 16 and share the highlights of her career as a college sprinter at Colorado Mesa. She describes the challenge of balancing a full-time job with training for the Olympics, explaining who she goes to for support and how she is staying motivated through the pandemic. Listen in for Whitney’s insight on viewing body work and other self-care strategies as a necessary investment in yourself and your career as an athlete.

What You Will Learn 

  • What inspired Whitney’s transition from dance to track at the age of 16
  • How Whitney’s very busy senior year of high school taught her time management
  • The highlights of Whitney’s college track career at Colorado Mesa University
  • Whitney’s interest in sports psychology and how the discipline informs her as an athlete
  • The challenge of transitioning from college to professional athlete
  • How Whitney balances training, self-care and a full-time job
  • Why Whitney sees body work and other self-care strategies as a necessary investment in herself and her track career
  • Whitney’s advice on staying motivated and positive through COVID
  • How the pandemic has given Whitney a chance to consider what she might do after her track career
  • The support team Whitney leans on for positive reinforcement as she trains for the Olympic Trials

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Dr. Jacob Jones at Colorado Mesa University

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