EP008—For Next-Level Success, Question Your Beliefs—DANIEL CHRISTOFFERSON

EP008—For Next-Level Success, Question Your Beliefs—DANIEL CHRISTOFFERSON

What’s keeping you from achieving next-level success? For most of us, fear gets in the way, and we create self-imposed limitations based on what we think is possible or available to us. But what if you stopped to question those made-up limits on what you can achieve?

Our host, Daniel Christofferson, is the Founder and CEO of Holistic High Performance, a state-of-the-art performance and recovery center based in Seattle, Washington. He has been working in structural integration since 1996, helping thousands of clients transform their lives through the alignment of body, mind and soul. Best known for working with athletes, Daniel and his team support clients in realizing relief from pain, recovering from injury, and fulfilling their optimal athletic potential.

On this episode, Daniel goes solo to address a listener question around his journey to creating the Holistic High Performance Podcast. He explains his decision to go to massage school after college and describes how he came to work with Hellerwork practitioners Maureen Warren and Donna Bajelis before starting his own SI practice. Listen in for Daniel’s insight on doing more of what feeds your energy and learn how to spark transformation by questioning the artificial limits you’ve placed on yourself!

What You Will Learn 

  • The pivotal moment when Daniel questioned his beliefs for the first time
  • How trips to Europe and Asia shifted Daniel’s sense of history and appreciation for other cultures
  • What inspired Daniel to go to massage school rather than teach English abroad
  • How Daniel was introduced to Hellerwork and what he loves about it
  • How Daniel came to work with Maureen Warren and Donna Bajelis
  • The artificial limits Daniel placed on his income potential and how questioning those limits created a shift in his business
  • How an introduction to Michael Street led to Daniel’s work with athletes
  • Daniel’s commitment to continuous learning and improving his skills
  • When Daniel finally overcame imposter syndrome and developed an internal sense of confidence
  • What it takes to let go of fear and trust that the support you need will be there
  • The questions Daniel asks himself and his clients to challenge their self-imposed limits
  • Daniel’s routine self-care practices and how he makes decisions around doing more of what feeds his energy (and less of what drains it)
  • Why Daniel calls his practice Holistic High Performance 


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Donna Bajelis

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Executive Producer and Host: Daniel Christofferson LMT, CHP

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