EP010 – Using the SMART Goals Strategy to Accomplish More – Mary Marshall

EP010 – Using the SMART Goals Strategy to Accomplish More – Mary Marshall

Despite our best intentions, our best plans can, and often do, fall short.  We’ve been taught since we were young to have goals and pursue them, sometimes doggedly and without question.  This idea has followed many of us into our adulthoods, where we dutifully create goals, but without introspection or a plan, follow them without vision or flexibility.

Author, coach and instructor, Mary Marshall, is a strong proponent of upgrading the concept of mere goals to that of Smart Goals – the idea that goals should be realistically achievable, incremental, and in the case of 2020, adaptable.  As in life, and as they are part of life, goals need to adjust to our changing realities and life circumstances.

Marshall’s most recent books include How Not to Be a Leader, How Not to Build a Great Team, and How Not to Create a Winning Strategy.  Her previous books include The Entrepreneur Puzzle and The Great Cultural Disconnect.

What You Will Learn 

Tailor your goals to what you can actually accomplish.  Learn which part of your goals are worth keeping and which parts are changeable.  Get into the mindset that it’s OKAY to change your goals, and hear some real examples of how to make that determination.

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