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Align your body, mind and soul and achieve the things you never thought were possible.


Identifying past injuries both physically and emotionally will help us accurately assess where you are and what is holding you back from what you want to achieve.


Once underlying causes/primary restrictions are identified, we can work on rebalancing your body to accomplish proper structural alignment.


Once you notice the improvements of your before and after, you will be able to discover the endless possibilities of the newfound strengths of your body.


We take into account the severe impact that past trauma, negative self talk, poor training and toxins may have had to bring your body to its present status. After addressing the affect these experiences might have had on you, we will work with you both through physical alignment practices as well as therapeutic conversation to help you see your body’s true potential.

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With our collective 40 years of experience in structural integration, we work with our clients identify misalignment, release pain from past injuries and help them achieve their goals.

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Daniel utilizes the physical, mental and emotional components of the body to help clients achieve their optimal performance through all walks of life.

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Energy Medicine

Healing requires energy. Shane has developed a program to integrate Energy Medicine with Structural Integration to boost the self-healing response and benefit client outcomes.

Happy Customers

Bottom line, if you want to bring your body back to homeostasis in order to optimize where you're at or where you're going, I strongly recommend and encourage you to see Dan and his associates [at Holistic High Performance]!

Coach James Laurence

Head Coach/Owner - Legerity Sports Performance

Having been worked on as an athlete in the USA and internationally at masters track meets, I know first hand that Holistic High Performance is of the highest caliber of body work specialists. Dan has most recently recovered my body from accident and injury. As a USATF Level 3 Speed coach I recommend every athlete I encounter make an appointment.

Gail Kuhnly

USTAF Level 3 Speed Coach

Holistic High Performance looks to reintegrate people, rebalance and restore them to health and their optimum performance.

Shane Hoefsloot

Wellness Northwest